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Name:Strength, Courage, Magic
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Trident Love



Do you love Arthur, Merlin and Gwaine any which way you can get them?
Yeah, us too.

This is a community that welcomes any and all permutations of these boys. We love, encourage, and are desperate to see more of:
♥ Arthur/Merlin/Gwaine
♥ Arthur/Merlin*
♥ Arthur/Gwaine
♥ Merlin/Gwaine
♥ ♥ ♥ Threesomes, unrequited love triangles, Polyamory and Gen fics (focusing on these character) are all welcome.

* Because of the prevalence of Arthur/Merlin in this fandom, our preference is to only have Arthur/Merlin work which also contains Gwaine (in some capacity) be posted here.

We do allow RPF of Bradely/Colin/Eoin – same rules as above applies.


This community is for anything Merlin/Arthur/Gwaine-related (i.e. anything about the characters, or the actors who play them). Fiction, art, icons, vids, picspam, spoiler speculation or random drooling are all welcome. Ask a mod if you aren’t sure if something is allowed.

Please only post episode reviews/reactions in the posts the mods have put up specifically for this purpose. Be considerate of others who may not have gotten to see the latest episodes yet and keep them spoiler-free.

No flaming or character bashing will be permitted. Please be respectful to other characters and ships. We welcome Merlin/Gwaine fics that have Arthur/Merlin end game or Arthur/Merlin fics that have Merlin/Gwaine end game, for example. Please read the headers and warnings to determine if a fic is to your tastes. If you aren’t sure feel free to PM the author or one of the mods – we’re going to read most fics on here anyway.

All fic and art must be behind an lj-cut and include a header If your entry contains spoilers, please warn for them outside of the cut or within the cut-text. NSFW-stuff also belongs behind a cut.
Sample header:

Tags are useful tools. We have plenty set up, please use them.

All fanwork posted at here must be public. Every link posted here must be to a public entry. The only exception to the rule is for RPS work where you may make your work viewable to members only if that makes you more comfortable.

Post all requests (plot bunnies, fics, art, vids, recs, betas, etc.) are currently permitted We will reconsider if this becomes an issue.

Community pimping is permitted so long as it is relevant to the comm. (ie: it has to do with Gwaine, Merlin, Arthur in some combination).

Not clear? PM one of the mods:
[personal profile] hardticket or [personal profile] marguerite_26
email us at:
or leave a comment here: Page-a-Mod


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[profile] merlingwainebar
[profile] camelot_recs
[community profile] merlinslash

Feel free to take a banner and pimp for us!

To illustrate our point:

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